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June 7, 2013
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Title: I'm not CUTE!
Rated: K+ (Ratings will change in later chapters)
Genre: Humor/Romance
Pairing: SebastianxGrell, Cielxlittle!Grell
. . . ~ *SC* ~ . . .
Chapter 1: Chapter 1

'Another peaceful day in the office.' A man named William T. Spears thought as he walk around his desk with a cup of hot coffee in one hand and the love of his life in the other. Yes, I was talking about his death scythe, he just can't take his hands off it. But you didn't hear that.

'Wait, what? Peaceful? Since when did the days on the dispatch offices became peaceful?' He thought again seeming confuse about his own thoughts. And as he was about to contemplate more about his thoughts...


'Ahh. There it is. I knew my thoughts are not being accurate.' He didn't even flinch, not even his coffee was disturbed like he was expecting this to happen.

"Mr. SPEARS SIR!" A guy with a confusing hair of blond and black named Ronald Knox said, more like shouted as he heave a breath from running long corridors and almost throwing off the door from its place and shouting.

"Mr. Knox. What did I say about running through corridors, shouting, and throwing off doors open?" Mr. Spears said calmly as he sat on his chair.

"Bu-but..." Ronald pant still trying to gather some oxygen. He didn't need it but talking without it is kinda...feel weird.

"Mr. Knox if it's one of your days where all the women on this office are hunting for your head, no I will not help you and NO. YOU CANNOT HIDE HERE IN MY OFFICE."

Ronald blink. "Aww...and I thought here was a safe place to hide. But no ,no! I'm not here for that!" He pause taking a deep breath, he continued with much urgency. "We're under attack Sir! Demons suddenly appear from the corridors near the entrance to the library!"

"WHAT? Why didn't you say that sooner?!" Throwing his half-empty coffee cup in the trash can he ran off down to the corridors in the direction of the library, with Ronald following behind.

"How did they get there?" William hissed while running side by side with Knox.

"I do not know Sir! I was just on my way out of the library with Grell-senpai when they suddenly attacked us! There was only a few of them first but then they started growing in numbers! But Grell-senpai and I managed to pushed them away from the library entrance!" Ronald said, panic written all over his face.

"Where's Sutcliff now? Has anyone else get there to help?"

"Yeah, Eric and Alan are already there to help...everyone else actually..." Saying the last part of his sentence almost like a whisper.

Twitch. "You mean to say I'm the last one to know?"

"Uhh...yeah, well your office is much farther you know..." He awkwardly cough turning away. Actually he just almost forgot to inform his superior. All he did was yell on the corridors he run into like a psycho catching everyone's attention. Not really the best way to inform your superior though. Specially not if that superior was William T. Spears.


"Ugh! Why won't these ugly things disappear?!" Grell whined as he slashed another 'ugly thing' with his chainsaw. He was going through with this for hours now and these 'ugly things' just kept on appearing on that black hole in that wall! "Dammit! Does anyone know how to close that hole?!" He shouted frustrated like he's having a monthly period or something. Though he doubt it, because in all truth and honesty he IS a male.

"Grell if we know, we've done it already! So stop whinin' and get slashin'!" Eric yelled at Grell frustrated himself with all this demons coming out of that hole. Who fuckin' even put that hole in there?! He swear that whoever it is, is going to PAY. And PAY IT SHALL!

While everyone else seems so frustrated about the situation, Alan on the other hand was calmly fighting all those 'ugly things' as Grell so graciously put it, with much cool and less emotion. "We should wait maybe Mr. Spears knows how to close that hole."

Not a moment after it was said by Alan, William and Ronald finally arrived.

"WILL~! OH MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR YOU'RE HE-!" Grell stated running to his said knight with passion when he trip unceremoniously sending him falling to the floor face first cutting his passionate sentence. "Ouch!"

"What is that hole?" William asked as he cut his way through the growing pile of dead mutilated bodies on the floor like nothing happened.

After muttering some untranslatable language of hate towards the dead body on the floor, still with passion of course, Grell pouted. "Will~! Stop ignoring me!"

"Shut up Grell. Has anyone called the Undertaker yet?"

"Yeah! I already called him! He said he's on his way! But that was a few hours ago...he's not here ye-" But before Ronald can finish his sentence the Undertaker wobble his way to the corridor.

"Has anyone called for the Undertaker?! Ehehehehehehee~!"

"Ahh. Nevermind." William almost face palmed. Almost.

"Undertaker~!" Grell squeal. "Finally! Now close this hole please!" He pointed on the hole with a pout eager to put a stop to all this. He cannot take all the 'ugliness' anymore. His beauty cannot stay here any longer, he should be somewhere else around this time bugging some handsome butler there in the Phantomhive manor!

"Ah! Yes, yes! That is why I'm here m'dear! Ehehehehehehehehee~!" Undertaker laughed eerily while rummaging on his sleeves for the things he brought to close the hole.

Finding all he needs, he set them in his hands- which only compose of a few bottles with odd looking liquid inside them. While the others kept on slashing to keep those demons under control. Walking in front of the hole muttering some kind of a spell, everyone stand out of the way as Undertaker finally throw the bottles on it.

A flash of white light blinded the whole corridor and as they thought that everything is going to be over now something unexpected actually its more like something 'to be expected' happened.

Grell was shielding his eyes from the bright light being not far from it when he suddenly felt a hand grip his foot. Grell yelp jumping from the unexpected contact causing him to trip 'again' and fall right through the blinding light.

Everyone watched in mild horror as to what had happened. Was Grell got eaten by the hole? Did he disappear? William hoped but you didn't hear that. Will we never see him again? William almost beg but you didn't hear that either.

As the light disappear and so as the hole. But Grell...

"What the..." Eric was the first one to talk.

"Ah! Senpai what...?" Ronald said next walking towards his Senpai.

Grell blink twice. "Oh. Hey Ronnie, since when did you grow tall that much?"

William cleared his throat. "No Grell. He's not the one who grew's more like..."

Just then that the Undertaker burst out laughing so hard he doubled on the floor tears forming from his eyes...this is too much for him.

Grell glared at the man laughing on the floor, he honestly didn't know what's funny. And it's making him snappy. Then Eric snicker. Ah. That does it! He stood up from sitting on the floor ready to shoot them with his most passionate sentences and colorful words in his vocabulary.

'They are so going to get it!' He said to himself. As he was about to say it all out loud, he felt everything slid down his body. "What..." Grell looked down. Horror. That's what all it is. All his clothes...his pants, boxer, and undies slid down his even smaller legs and his beloved red jacket pooling down his feet together with his other clothes, vest and high-heel red shoes the only things left was his sudden overly large white button-up shirt that clung desperately on his smaller shoulders and his too big red eyeglasses that slid too low to the bridge of his cute little nose.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Grell screamed in horror. What happened to him? He was looking fine and feeling fine just a while ago and, he looked like a 10 yrs. old human kid!

Eric couldn't take it anymore and burst out laughing just like the Undertaker still on the floor not quite done laughing himself. Grell glare at them again tears slowly forming in his eyes. He didn't know if he's going to cry or get angry or cry out of anger. "Will!" He pouted looking like a kid calling out for his parent for some back-up.

William sigh. "As usual Grell. I should have expected you to do something stupid before ending the show." He walk towards Grell with all the intentions of carrying him. Grell yelp and flail having known that he was being carried like a baby, if he's in his normal body right now he would have died happy in William's arms but right now there's nothing romantic in this situation at all.

"Will! Put me down! I'm not a baby!" Grell whined still trying to be freed but William had a strong hold onto him.

"Ohhh...but Grell-senpai you're so cuuuuuuute!" Ronald cheered. "Oh! oh! Lem'me carry him next William-senpai!"

"SHUT UP! I'M NOT CUTE! I'M A LADY! AND LADIES ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE CUTE!" Grell hissed. Really, this is pissing him off. How could they treat him like this?! He's a very beautiful and sexy lady! And not a child!

Shouting orders to clean up the mess to the other reapers, William started walking down the hall towards the infirmary still carrying Grell, with Eric, Alan and Ronald following behind and leaving the still laughing Undertaker in the floor.

"Honestly. This is your own fault doing something stupid, diving into that spell what are you thinking?"

The now tired Grell who give up already from being carried huffed in annoyance. "But Will! It was an accident! A hand grabbed my foot and it surprised me that I tripped!"

"That's why I told you to get rid of those abominable shoes of yours but you never listen to me."

"What?! Are you even listening to me?! It was the hand! The HAND!" He said throwing his now two little hands covered by the long sleeves of his all too large white shirt in the air to exaggerate his point. "And now even my voice sounded like a squeaking toy duck!"

"'s a'right munchkin we'll get ya' back to normal okay?" Eric said a little sarcastic, he didn't even know if there's a way to remove the effect of the spell, and petting Grell's hair to annoy the other man. He always knew how pissed it gets Grell when he's being treated like a kid.

"Don't touch me!" Grell whined having all the intentions of biting Eric's hand.

The walk to the infirmary wasn't that long but because of all the fighting and the whining and shouting and more whining Grell was now very unconscious. With his both arms wrapped around William's neck and his head on his chest and his legs around his waist, sleeping soundly.

After settling Grell down on one of the beds in the infirmary very carefully as to not wake the sleeping Grell, he joined the others to get themselves to dress their wounds though they only got scratches and will heal eventually it is still needed to be cleaned.

"Now what?" Ronald suddenly said after a moment of silent.

"'Now what?' what?" Eric ask raising an eyebrow.

"What will happen now to Grell-senpai?"

"No one knows Ronald. But we may need Undertaker again for this." Alan said calm as ever.

"Alan is right. We need to get Grell back to normal." William then said.

"Aww...but senpai got really adorable! Can't we keep him like that for a little bit longer?"

"Knox we cannot make him work looking like that. His scythe was triple his weight right now." William said sternly earning a pout from Ronald.

"But I 'gree...he's 'eally cute! I bet he's e'en more cute when he was still'a baby!" Eric smirk at the thought.

It's true, William thought. Grell did quite look cute with his face became rounded with puff cheeks and his big rounded child's eyes, pouty lips and cute smaller figure, little hands and little feet. But he'll never admit that out loud of course and so you didn't hear it!


I'm not CUTE! CHAPTER 1by xXSadisticChiibiiXx

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Humor / Introductions & Chapters©2013-2014 xXSadisticChiibiiXx
Yey~! First chapter! XD I'm so sorry for the wrong grammars and spellings..and OOCs. orz

Please tell meh if it was a success or something...criticisms are always welcome! Dun be afraid to tell meh what's all in your heart! Such passion will give meh strength to move forward! XDD Thank you for reading!

REVIEW, COMMENT, RATE, CRITIQUE, and stuffs~ It is all welcome and very much appreciated~! OuO

Next chapter: To the Phantomhive Manor! Where we all know a certain one hell of a handsome butler is currently staying. *wink wink*

TheAuthor: What's up with the winking?

TheNarrator: No, I just got something in my eye.

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Bany Grell is  too freaking adorable! :tighthug:
Winxhelina Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Finally got aound reading this. Your grammar is actually fine, The story - it's enjoyable & easy to read, but it is a bit random I guess, nothing is really explained as to why it's happening - everything just happens seemingly for no given reason. HOWEVER this is just the first chapter so you still have time to explain everything just fine. The idea is really good. Your style is a bit faulty i suppose, you switch between tenses a lot, writing once in past, then in present, then in past again, and you repeat some words a bit too much. But I too do both of these mistakes.
xXSadisticChiibiiXx Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
YAYS! OuO And sankyuuu very much for the detailed critique~ <33 it's my first attempt to write a story so it'll become more random in the further chapters. XDD I will keep that in mind~ I'm still improving my writing style and my english too~ OuO

Sankyuuu~! <333
Winxhelina Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Okay. You are very welcome!
xXSadisticChiibiiXx Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Sankyuuu~!!! o(-^ w ^-)o<3
NaiyaNeko Jul 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
OMG!!! i love it!!! X3 :icongrellfangirlsplz:
xXSadisticChiibiiXx Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
YAYS! I'm glaad~! OuO<3
FlamelPandas413 Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconthisplz: is genius. One of the most original and most hilarious fanfics yet xD CHIBI!GRELL!!
xXSadisticChiibiiXx Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
uwaaa~ YAYS! Sankyuuu very much!!! I'm soo happy to hear that~ QuQ<3
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