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June 7, 2013
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Title: I'm not CUTE!
Rated: T (Ratings will change in later chapters)
Genre: Humor/Romance
Pairing: SebastianxGrell, Cielxlittle!Grell
. . . ~ *SC* ~ . . .
Chapter: Chapter 3

Meanwhile, Sebastian is suspiciously eyeing the red bundle of ruffles and ribbon under the Undertaker's arm, silently and obediently standing in his master's side. 'Something's very strange about that child...' Sebastian thought. 'Suspecting a child's butt Sebastian, really?' He shook his head, he would need to check on himself after this.

"Ohh~ it's better to talk inside the shop wouldn't you agree~ Ehehe~" Undertaker then said cutting any further unwanted thoughts from Sebastian.

Walking in front of his shop with his eerie giggles planning to open the door, little Grell is now face-to-face with the young earl and his beloved butler. Grell gasp, stared wide-eyed to said earl and butler and both returning the same stare to him. Despite the blur-ness of it all, Grell can still feel the intense stare he was receiving. Not used to being stared at he blushed- no he's not used to it...he never got an intense stare, it is always an intense 'glare'.

'Ohh damm...' Grell couldn't take it anymore. Those two will definitely know it was him if they stare at him any longer. 'Ugh! Where's my bangs when I needed them the most~?!' He pouted remembering that it was tied above his head with a cute red ribbon, and having no other options at all he resorted into hiding in his two little hands up in his face.

Sebastian was taken aback by the action adding more to his suspicion. He bowed his head to level with his master and whispered. "My lord, something is really strange about that child."

"Why Sebastian, don't you think 'she's' cute?" Ciel smirked, following the Undertaker inside the shop and Sebastian following behind.

If there is something Sebastian hate about his master, it's definitely that smirk. But he find himself considering what his master said, he couldn't agree more.

"Alright~ who wants some tea~? Ehehehee~" The Undertaker said dropping little Grell atop one of his closed coffins in the room.

Finally being able to stand in his own feet the first thing Grell thought was to run. And run he did. "I'll help~!" He eagerly volunteered jumping down the coffin and run for the kitchen when a palm of a hand hit his forehead resulting his little head to bounce back- you know when your child run around crazy then suddenly hit a lamp-post or something, yes just like that.

Putting his little hands up to his forehead out of instincts, "Ouch~! What the hell-" Grell started with a voice sounding like a child who have not hit the critical stage of puberty yet.

"Oh no~ tsk, tsk, tsk. My, you don't talk like that to your elders m'dear~ Ehehe~" Undertaker said to him waving a finger on his face while grinning with warning so close to him- 'nose to nose' close.

'Eek! So close...fucking creepy old man~!' Grell thought not trusting himself to say those out loud. Fidgeting while trying to keep distance he continued. "B-but..."

"Now, now~ You just stay here and entertain our guests while I make tea alright~" Undertaker said pushing the unwilling Grell near the center of the room where the amuse master and butler is currently standing. "And I don't think making you help with making tea is a good idea~" He frown a little at that remembering the red reaper's days as Madam Red's butler.

"Now stay here~" Walking to the back door for the kitchen, little Grell is now left alone with a very very amused Ciel and Sebastian and they are not ashamed showing it in their face. The three of them started another staring contest.

"Ohhh~ And NO RUNNING OUTSIDE~ Ehehehehee~" Undertaker suddenly shouted from the back door making Grell jump.

"My, my what a predicament you're in." Ciel started after a moment, first to break the tense silence inside the room. "What may I ask, you are doing with the Undertaker? Surely you have your family looking for you?"

'What? Why is that brat talking to me?!' Grell thought glaring at the earl with mild confusion.

Seeing no response from the 'girl', Ciel thought so, he walked forward. The movement made Grell tensed. "What are you doing?" He said a pitch higher than normal. And Ciel only smirk. Oh this is so entertaining for him.

"Why, I only want to be close to you."

"C-close...?" Grell blushed 'again', trying to back away from the approaching Earl Phantomhive. 'Shit! Stop blushing!' Grell scolded himself. 'What the fuck is this brat doing anyway?! Since when did he learn other facial expressions?! And he's starting to talk more sentences than normal!' He panic and cut all thoughts when he felt his back hit a desk which would be the Undertaker's no doubt. 'Fuck, dead-end.' He groan glaring daggers at the earl.

Ciel's smirk grew wider being now only a step distance from Grell. The 'girl' look no older than him and also to Ciel's amusement 'she' is also a few inches shorter than him.

"Ah, why make that face?" He said. Reaching under 'her' chin tilting 'her' head upward he added. "Am I scaring you?" whispering the last words with a sadistic glint in his uncovered eye.

Hot breath ghosting on his ears, 'F-fuck...what...where's my scythe?! Dammit!' Grell is not very amused right now like the brat who's currently enjoying all this closeness all of a sudden. He hates to admit this to himself but he's very helpless right now. And he doesn't like being helpless or pitied upon or being under, hell he will tear them all open with his scythe if they do. 'Where is my Sebas-chan anyway?!'

And speaking of Sebas-chan, while all this is currently happening, Sebastian watch from the distance not moving an inch from where he stands. He knew it. He knew his master is a sadistic little bastard. He thought amused. But he cannot deny that he's also loving the show presented in front of him. All those expressions from the red-head's face that changes from time-to-time amuses him so, sending a poking sensation to his own inner sadist. 'That somehow looks familiar...' He thought still watching the redhead wiggle away from his master with an annoyed frown.

"Won't you tell me your name my lady?" Ciel asked smiling seductively.

' he flirting with me?' Grell stare at him wide-eyed. 'He is flirting with me! This CIEL PHANTOMHIVE BRAT IS FUCKING FLIRTING WITH ME!' He gasped. 'And did he just call me a...lady?' And then realization hit him. 'Oh~' That's right, the earl brat and Sebastian still did not recognize him at all. They thought him a normal child and a girl nonetheless. Though he find it very absurd- its not like his shark-like teeth's already not a dead giveaway.

It was now his turn to smirk as an idea presented itself in his mind. 'Hehehehe~ This is going to be soo fun~' He thought grinning evilly to himself. 'So this brat thought I'm a girl huh~' Fixing his self to take his all pleasant plans into action using all his talent in acting.

Grell took a deep breath, he pouted. "B-but...I'm see, I'm a boy~" It took all of his will to say those words. If there's anything he hates doing other than paperwork, it's reminding himself that he is male.

Ciel was taken aback by the new information and Sebastian almost burst out laughing. Almost. But he didn't. What kind of a butler will he be if he cannot do even this- saving his master from further embarrassment.

Seeing Ciel's shocked-face, Grell felt like laughing as well but he have to stop himself before he mess all his plans before it even get started.

The young earl immediately fix himself and cleared his throat. And what he said next made everything froze. "I don't mind." And just like that Ciel's smirk was back in his face.

'F-f-fuuu...' Grell frown again, he cannot take this anymore. He's about to burst now and all will be covered in beautiful red blood- when suddenly a hand found its way around his waist pulling his person close to the owner of the hand. He gasped, the contact giving tingling sensations in all parts of his body.

"So, what about it?" The young earl spoke again his lips almost brushing to the other's. Grell's breath hitched. "'What about' what?!" He hissed. 'Isn't there anything to make this brat go away or something?!'

Seeing the desperate look on the redhead's face, Sebastian felt bad a little and thought of saving him, hesitantly he called. "My lord."

"WHAT, Sebastian?" The said lord snarled, his uncovered eye sending daggers to the black butler.

"I think that is enough entertainment for today, we have to-"

"You dare tell me what to do butler?" Ciel almost spat the word, still not letting go of Grell.

Sebastian's eyebrow twitch. Then there was a moment of silence, the tension inside the room became thick between the master and butler and Grell is being uncharacteristically quiet not moving an inch, afraid that a small sound would break all hell loose.

Sparing a look at his beloved Sebas-chan's face then back to the brat who's currently having a tight-hold onto him still and then back to Sebastian.

It continued for several more minutes when the back door burst open revealing a very happy Undertaker with a tray of four beakers of tea- because we all know he never own normal cups for tea.

"Tea everyone~?! Ehehe-" His laughter was cut short when he notice the thick tension in the atmosphere. And the very inconceivable sight of Ciel with Grell in his arms.

"Ehh~? Did I miss something~?" Undertaker asked having a one more quick glance in Ciel's direction then look questioningly at Sebastian.

"No, you didn't." Ciel started still annoyed but his tone calmer, seeing that no one wants to answer the Undertaker anytime soon. Finally letting go of Grell, "We'll be leaving now Undertaker." he said walking back beside his butler.

"Oh~ but what about tea~?"

"Maybe some other time," He said with his back still facing them, Sebastian opening the door for his young master. Sparing them a last glance Ciel continued, "Perhaps, tomorrow?" He said looking pointedly at Grell with a grin that Grell thought looked demonic before completely walking out of the shop.

Grell flinched. 'He spend too much time with Sebas-chan~' He thought.

"Ahh, so~" Undertaker said still trying to grasped what just happened.

"Did you see that Undertaker~?! Did you~?! The earl brat is hitting on me~!"

Undertaker blink before bursting into a fit of laughter causing for the sign outside his shop to finally fall to the ground. "W-what~ the earl~ Ehehehehehee~" He laughed now rolling on the floor.

"It's not funny Undertaker~!" Grell pouted.

"Ohh~ Ehehehehehee, but it is~!"

"No it's not~! The little shit tries to dominate me~! You hear, DOMINATE ME~! Grell exclaimed raising his both hands in the air. "No one dominates the beautiful Miss Grell Sutcliff~! NO ONE~!"

"Ehehe~ But I bet the young earl and his butler has not realize that yet, hmm~ I doubt it'll happen if they know it was you Miss Grell~" the Undertaker giggles.

Grell gasped. No, this will not happen if they knew, in fact it'll be worst! 'They should never know~! I should have my revenge first before they do~' He thought now determined to have his revenge to said 'little shit'.

"I should have my revenge~! And you will help me~!" He shouted pointing a finger with the Undertaker.

The older reaper just giggles. "Oh sure m'dear~ whatever my lovely princess wants~! But first~" Undertaker paused, changing his expression to an evil, mischievous, pedo-ness grinning maniac, he continued, "What about trying out this new little costume I made for you~ Hmm~?"

Grell tense up inching away from the mortician who looks so ready to eat him whole. "W-what?! Since when did you start making new costume-"

"I did it at the back room while I wait for the tea to make~ Ehehehehehe~" He said now holding the costume in Grell's face.


And the chasing begun. Undertaker's eerie laughter echoing in the whole area. And both of them forgetting the purpose of why Grell is even there.


"Sebastian, take that smirk off your face." The young earl Phantomhive snarled.

"But young master, I am simply happy that you finally found someone." He paused, his smirk grew wider. "And I did not know that, you swing that way." *WIN FACE*

Ciel snapped. "It does not concern you!"

"Ahh, but my lord you are under my care at the moment, are you not? I believe that it is my concern." *DOUBLE WIN FACE*

"Shut up Sebastian! And that's an order!" Ciel growled shutting the door of his study in his butler's face with much force than needed. He is very much close into harming a cat in front of his butler right now. And the fact that he never got the name of the redhead does not improve his mood.

"Yes, my lord." Sebastian bowed his usual bow. *DOUBLE WIN FACE TIMES TWO TIMES TWO TIMES TWO*


The very next day...

"Young master we are here." Sebastian said informing their arrival to his master.

Walking out of his carriage, they both approach the front of Undertaker's shop.

"Bocchan are you sure it is okay that we are here at," He looked at his clock. "Eight in the morning?" Sebastian asked confuse. He knew his master has took a liking to the redhead, but to this extent he did not expect.

"Just shut up Sebastian." Ciel replied cold and emotionless.

Now standing in front of the shop, they can now clearly hear the noises coming from inside.

"Undertaker~! Get the hell away from me~! AHHH~!" A hissed sounding from a child.

"Ehehehehe~ but why~? You know you like this, so stop resisting already~!" A man said playfully followed by an eerie giggle which you can never doubt came from the Undertaker.

"NOO~ STOP~! PLEASE!" The child again yelled with much frustration.

At this, Ciel's brow continued to twitch frowning like there's no tomorrow. 'What the hell is Undertaker doing?! Raping children...And it's eight in the morning!'

"Sebastian!" Ciel growled.

Sebastian, already knowing, kick open the door revealing a very unwilling bundle of red atop one of the closed coffins but under the mercy of the Undertaker- clothed with a one-piece black hooded cat costume complete with kitty ears and tail all sewn together, the one-piece length stop just a few inches below his butt.

Sebastian stand there stupefied.

Cute little paws-like gloves was put on the redhead's both hands, black of course, and for his feet are two white socks with ruffles and red ribbons. Undertaker is currently on the process of putting the two paws-like shoes on him but the rather unwilling child is flailing with all his might.

Seeing his butler who somehow froze at the entrance, Ciel pushed his way inside the shop and same like his butler, he stand there stupefied.

Hearing the door kicked open, both said child and Undertaker paused at what they are doing. A pissed off little Grell under the all too happy Undertaker, his foot on the older reaper's face and the other trying to dodge the incoming offending cat-like paws that were supposed to be his shoes. Both looking at their guests.

"Why hello there~ didn't expect you to be here so early in the morning Mr. butler and Young Earl~" He said standing, scooping Grell up with him. "Ohh~ please excuse us for a moment~ Ehehehehee~"

"Put me down!" Grell cried out.

"Now, now behave and let me put this on your feet already so that it'll be over~" Undertaker said a little bit frustrated himself. He just wanted to put those shoes on his little feet to complete the costume, 'Is that too much to ask~?' He thought sulking.

Turning, he made his way to the back room with the flailing child in his arm.

"Wait." Sebastian said, finally able to wake from his daze.

All attention are on him in a second. He cleared his throat. "Do you need help with...that?" Sebastian asked eyeing the paws-like shoes and the redhead who was now staring at him with wide-eyes.

Undertaker blink. "Ohh~ Ehehehehe~ Why yes~! How kind of you to ask dear butler~!" He said giggling. "Hmm~ perhaps you would like to help~?" A grin creeping up his face, receiving a glare from the redhead and a nod from the butler.

"So~ how do we do this~?" Undertaker asked putting a finger under his chin in thought.

"I will hold him for you." Sebastian answered so fast earning him a raised brow from the other three present beings inside the room. He coughed awkwardly.

Ciel crossed his arms in his chest. "You seem so eager Sebastian." The young earl huffed.

"I simply wanted to help." Sebastian said coolly.

"Yes, of course a demon who simply 'wanted to help', right."

Sebastian's eyebrow twitch at the comment but let it go, he had other business to concern himself with, that involved a redheaded black kitten currently in the Undertaker's arms.

"Alright~ Here you go~!" The Undertaker said handing him a very surprise kitty Grell, who he take in his arms with all the gentleness he could give.

And to that, Grell's spirit is now officially dead. 'Ahhh~ Sebas-chan is holding me in his arms~!' He cooed. 'And for once the contact is full of gentleness~!' He cooed again. 'That's right~! My Sebby loves cats~! Oohh, that's why~' He was having the best day of his life and of course he is going to take all the advantage he can get and overuse them.

Clinging to his handsome butler eagerly, he purr, brushing his cheek to said butler's neck like a kitten he is while Sebastian sat him on his lap.

"Ehehehehehe~ having fun~?" Undertaker's eerie voice and giggles cut him of his fantasy. He completely forgot why his Sebas-chan is currently holding him. Then Sebastian flip him and was now faced with a grinning Undertaker. He gave the older man a glare but it was soon melted when he felt Sebastian's arm around his waist pulling him closer, Grell's back now completely leaning against Sebastian, and his other hand above Grell's head...petting him?

Grell is so dying right now for the umpteenth time in just a matter of seconds. 'Ohh~ what I would give for this to last forever~'

And speaking of how long it will last, it will immediately end as soon as those abominable shoes is on his feet. Grell grinned, Undertaker reaching for his right foot, 'Like hell I will let that happen~'

He dodged it. The Undertaker frown, he tried again but the foot was able to dodge him again. And so he tried again. It continued for many more minutes- the Undertaker looking all frustrated catching those little feet, Grell grinning evilly at the older reaper and enjoying himself being adored by Sebastian, while said butler is currently in his own world cuddling a very happy redhead-cosplaying-cat.

"Stop it~!" Undertaker yelled then pouted, finally taking a hold of Grell's feet in his both hands.

Grell's grin widen, "Make me~" He said playfully then sticking out his tongue.

Undertaker groan.

All the while, Ciel had only watched them. He frowned. "Sebastian, I believe the Undertaker said that you help him hold 'Red' to be able to put the shoes on not cuddle with him." The young earl spat.

The other three looked in his direction. "Red?" They all said in unison.

Ciel blushed. "W-well...I still don't know your name." He said glancing at Grell.

'Oh right...' Grell thought. 'Well, I can't just tell him 'Oh no your wrong my name is Grell' hell no~!'

"Wow~! How did you know~? You're so good at guessing~!" Grell said in fake amazement.

"R-really?" The earl asked surprised.

Grell nodded. The loose hood with his kitty ears moved with his head. Still, Sebastian kept petting him.

Seeing that Grell is distracted, Undertaker took this chance and finally, finally able to put those shoes in Grell's feet. "Yey~!" Undertaker cheered.

Grell gasped. 'Oh no~' He thought. 'Sebby will have to put me down now...I don't want to~!' He immediately turn around and cling to his handsome butler, wrapping his hands around the butler's neck like his life depended on it. The movement surprised Sebastian but he only smiled and continued petting his little kitten.

'Sebas-chan did not mind~' Grell grin mischievously, wondering how far he can get 'til the butler snap at him.

Making the first move he looked up, calculating, he slowly lick the white smooth patch of skin in the butler's neck. Sebastian tensed up at the action, looking down at the culprit in his arms who manage to immediately buried its face in his chest, he smirked.

"My, my~ what a naughty kitten you are." Sebastian said, amusement in his eyes.

Grell giggled.

"Sebastian, you can put him down now." Ciel said frowning.

"Oh, but my lord, I don't think he wanted to be put down." He said smiling evilly to himself.

Sebastian knew his master is being jealous, all the more reason he's going to put this up.

Ciel just glared at him not saying anything.

"You see my lord," Sebastian continued, cupping Grell's cheek. "Looks like 'Red' here, has put a liking to me too." Sebastian cooed, tilting Grell's head towards him, sticking out his tongue and all at once lick Grell's lips tantalizingly slow, not taking his eyes off from his master's.

Grell's breath hitched.

Ciel stared wide-eyed.

The Undertaker dancing around with joy, does not care whatsoever. "I make all cute costume~ Cute little kitty is cuuuute~! Ehehehehehee~"


I'm not CUTE! CHAPTER 3by xXSadisticChiibiiXx

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Humor / Introductions & Chapters©2013-2014 xXSadisticChiibiiXx
*cheers for the licking* LOL. XDD
Please forgive the wrong grammars and spellings~ orz

Here's the first two chapters:
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]

REVIEW, COMMENT, RATE, CRITIQUE, and stuffs~ It is all welcome and very much appreciated~! OuO

TheNarrator: That's right~! Because the Author will not update until you all give reviews~!
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TheNarrator: Ouch~!
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FREAKING. HILARIOUS!!!!! I was laughing the whole chapter!

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